Summer of Fun 2013: Have a Watermelon Day

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Another tradition while we are at my parent’s house, is to have a Watermelon Slicing.

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I adore the pictures of the bright red watermelons in the green summer grass.

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Watching the littles take that first bite, as juice runs down their faces, is just priceless.

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Sometimes they jump into the tank to rinse off.  This year, it was simply a quick trip to the water hose, which turned into a spectacular event for Ethan and Summer.  I will never  forget the laughter and the squeals.

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The watermelon slicing is basically the same every single year, but, somehow, it never gets old.

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It is a great reminder of enjoying the small things.

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A reminder that I really needed today.

When I’ve Had a Bad Day…

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Yesterday was a really bad day.  It is not often that I allow myself to have a bad day.  I honestly try to see the positive in every situation.  Yesterday, though, it was really, really hard to see the positive. I gave myself a day to wallow in self-pity, pledging that today, I would start fresh, new, and ready to face any challenges ahead.

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When I woke up bright and early this morning, the first thing that I did was make my tea, open my computer, and start looking at pictures of our trip to the farm.

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It did not take me long to realize how blessed I am.

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Yes, I had a bad day, but I have had many, many more good ones.

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I have amazing children who love to play, laugh, smile, and be adventurous.

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I have a wonderful husband who is my rock, and who makes me laugh every single day.

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I have the best parents in the world who have always taught me that there is a reason for all things and that when God closes one door, He opens another one.  Those words of wisdom have helped me so many times.

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I have an amazing sister, one who says such sweet things about me that she makes me want to live up to her words every day.

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I have nieces who let me act 25, even though I am a few years beyond that.  I went shopping with them and laughed so hard that my abs hurt.

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It was an amazing week on the farm.  Even more than that, though, was the fact that it gave me memories that speak volumes. Memories that shine much brighter and louder than one silly bad day.

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Summer of Fun 2013: Attend a Parade

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One of the summer traditions that we hold dear is the trip that we make to my parent’s house each August.

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On the first night, we all attend the parade.

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This year, I watched it through a different set of eyes.

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It is likely to be the last parade that my sister’s family and my family all attend together because next year, my oldest niece will be entering high school and have a very different summer schedule.

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As much as I say that I am always fully present, enjoying the moments and making memories as they come, I am also deeply sentimental, which makes me love traditions.

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In my heart, I know my family, and I know that we will create a new tradition to takes its place.  It will be just as great or better, and we will happily move on to the next stage of our lives.

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However, this year, I was not ready to move forward just yet.  As I watched the parade, I saw the littles all sitting on the curb with their candy bags, wide eyes, and giant smiles.  It was a glimpse into the past, filled with memories that I will always hold so dear.

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