Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day was perfectly perfect.

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All I ask for every year is to be at home with my family and not cook a single meal.

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While I love to cook, having a whole day off from determining meals, cooking, and cleaning the kitchen are aways a big treat.

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Of course, I love the cards and letters of love that the littles always make me.  The things that they write always make me smile because I know that their words come from their hearts.

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We stayed at home, together, as a family, in our pajamas all day long, and it was perfect.

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Mother’s Day 2013

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Mother’s Day 2013 was beautiful.

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It began with a Mother’s Day make-over in Summer’s Kindergarten classroom.

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She was so excited to pamper me, and I enjoyed every single second of the special time with my little girl. Watching her smile and giggle and just have fun was the best present in the world.

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My Mother spent the weekend with us.  Not only was it Mother’s Day weekend.  It was also her 60th birthday.  We had a fun, little celebration for her.  My mother amazes me every single day. Not only does she not look a day over 50.  She also has the energy of a 40 year old.  Even more important than those things, though, is her heart.  She taught me to be loving, kind, and giving by being all of those things herself.

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Being able to celebrate my mother’s birthday Saturday night and then have a Mother’s Day brunch with her Sunday morning made the weekend beyond special.

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Of course, the little people who made me a mom completed the weekend for me.  I look at my life every day and almost feel like I am dreaming because, really, having a husband and children was all I ever dreamed about in my life.  I honestly cannot believe that I get to celebrate Mother’s Day because I am actually a mom.  Not just any mom, either.  I am a mom to the best children in the world.  That simple truth allows me to know that sometimes dreams really do come true.

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Weekend Things – Recipe: Breakfast Pizza



It was a perfect weekend.  After an extremely busy week, with Ethan’s ARD, teacher appreciation, and extra errands, I was ready to just be at home all weekend.  And, that is exactly what we did.

1.  Of course, we started the weekend with pizza and movie night.  But, before that, we bought some new fish for Gabriel’s fish tank.  It is a mini obsession of his right now.


2.  Saturday was spent making cupcakes for a dear friend who was hosting a couple’s shower.


3.  Since I was in the kitchen baking all day, it was a perfect time to work on Gabriel’s end of the year project.  Let me just say that I think Mommas become smarter while their children are in school.  I now know more about Ulysses S. Grant than I think I ever knew when I was in elementary school.  And, I loved having Sean and Gabriel in the kitchen with me working on the project while I baked.  Gabriel finished his paper and is almost finished with his presentation/tri-fold.  I am so proud of him!


4.  We ended the day in a perfect almost summer fashion by grilling hamburgers and making homemade onion rings.  The onion rings were amazingly delicious.  I was too hungry to take pictures, but I will be making them again very, very soon.  We actually decided to have a weekly hamburger night because it is just so simple and fun.

5.  Sunday began with my sweet husband whispering “Happy Mother’s Day” while our very smart dog crawled up to my head, curled up, and started giving me Mother’s Day kisses.

Then, one by one, the littles came in to kiss me, hug, me, tell me “Happy Mother’s Day”, and excitedly let me know that they were working on something special for me.


Sean went to get breakfast while I took my time getting dressed, and we all enjoyed a lazy family Mother’s Day breakfast together.


After breakfast, it was time for presents.



I love flowers and presents, but, on Mother’s Day, my favorite gifts are always the homemade cards and poems. They really outdid themselves this year.  Gabriel wrote a letter for each of them, one in his words, one dictated by Summer, and one what he thought Ethan would say.  It was perfect.





Gabriel asked Sean to go on a bike ride.  Sean said that I should go in his place.  While I do not have a bike, I borrowed Sean’s bike, and Gabriel and I went on 4 bike rides throughout the day.  It is definitely something that we will do more, especially when I get my own bike.  It was fun, and I really enjoyed spending the special time with the boy who made me a momma.


When we returned from our final ride, I had a shower, followed by a nap.  It was so nice to wake up in my cozy bed, knowing that it was not only allowed, it was expected, for me to be lazy today.

Sean cooked dinner, which was delicious.  While I am the one who cooks the majority of our meals, as I have mentioned before, Sean is an excellent chef, and I love his cooking, especially on special occasions.

It was a perfect day.  That is truly the best way to describe it.

6.  Inspired by Jessica at How Sweet It Is, I made a breakfast pizza this week.  It was a last minute Saturday morning breakfast.  I knew that I would be cooking sweets all day, so I decided that I needed a hearty, healthy breakfast in order to make it through taste testing frostings and cupcakes.  This pizza totally hit the spot.  It was so good that I told Sean breakfast pizzas might become a Saturday morning tradition, especially since we always have pizza dough leftover from Friday night pizza and movie night.  If you have never made a breakfast pizza, you should give it a try.  As with any pizza, you can create it into whatever you want – fried eggs or scrambled, bacon or sausage, veggies or no veggies, and any kind of cheese.  Here is how I did it.

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza


Pizza Dough

1 1/2 cups plust 3 tablespoons water

3 teaspoons olive oil

4 2/3 cups bread flour

2 tablespoons sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

1 3/4 teaspoons active dry yeast


Lia Marie's Garlic Spread

1 1/2 - 2 cups shredded cheese

3/4 pounds sausage, crumbled and cooked

4-6 eggs

Kosher salt

Black pepper


    Preparing the Pizza Dough
  1. Prepare the pizza dough according to your bread maker's instructions. For mine, water first, then I layer the flour, salt, and sugar next. After that, I make a small indention in the middle of the flour mixture and add the yeast. The final step is to add the oil to the corners of the pan. Start the bread maker, and let it works its magic.
  2. Preparing the Pizza
  3. Preheat the oven to 500.
  4. Prepare a cookie sheet or pizza pan by lightly spraying with cooking spray.
  5. Spread the dough out with your hands or roll it out with a rolling pin.
  6. Bake for 5 minutes, and remove from oven.
  7. Spread the dough with a layer of the garlic butter.
  8. Sprinkle on a fine layer, about 1/2-3/4 cups of cheese.
  9. Add the sausage, making sure to cover the entire pizza.
  10. Crack open 4-6 eggs in various places around the sausage, making sure to spread them out evenly.
  11. Sprinkle with kosher salt and black pepper, just as you would a fried egg.
  12. Add about another 1/2 cup cheese.
  13. Bake for 10 minutes.

Have a great week!

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