Sweet Summer Lovin’


Dear Summer,

I cannot believe that you are six years old.  It does not seem possible that it was six years ago that I held my breath waiting for someone to say what I already knew, “It’s a Girl!”  As you know, you were labeled “Surprise Baby” because we did not want to know if you were a boy or a girl until you were born.  I was positioned in such a way that I was able to see immediately that you were, in fact, the girl who I did not even know I had always dreamed about.  When your papa said, “Its a girl!”, the tears started to flow.


You see, when we decided to have a 3rd baby, I just assumed that we would have another boy, and I was perfectly, wonderfully happy with that.  I love your brothers with all my heart and soul, so I knew that having another boy would be amazing.  Really, I just wanted another baby, and I honestly did not care about anything other than having a healthy, happy addition to our family.




When I was about 5 weeks along, I became very, very ill.  This pregnancy took a turn that my other two had not taken, and I started to suspect that there was a little girl growing inside of me. When I would see pink baby things at the store, I would touch them and smile.  However, I did not want to become attached to the “girl” inside of me, I just wanted to love the baby inside of me, not caring if it would be wearing blue or pink in a few months.  So, I did not allow myself to buy one single pink or blue item until after you were born.  I did not even buy your coming home outfit. That was an assignment for your Aunt Darla….who also believed that you were a girl.


When I saw your face, I knew that I needed you, my baby girl.  You completed me, you completed our family, and you completed the world, in my eyes.  I do not even know how to thank you for that.



You are loving, spunky, smart, kind, happy, peaceful, energetic, crazy, beautiful, and perfect in every single way.  You know how to light up a room with your magical, amazing ways – by dancing, singing, smiling, laughing. By just being you.




I truly pray that you stay just the way that you are.  You are so comfortable and happy in your own skin, and that, my sweet girl, will take you so far in life.  To love who you are, to embrace everything that makes you special and unique, and to feel with all of your heart and soul are amazing, beautiful, wonderful qualities. Those are qualities that I did not embrace until I was a mom.  For you to have them now will make you such an incredibly happy, fun-loving, independent, and truly sweet girl throughout your journey.




Happy birthday, Princess Summer Lovin’!  I hope that your day was just as special as you are. Thank you for allowing me to hear those three special words (“It’s a GIRL!”) six years ago, and thank you for being the girl that I did not even know that I had been dreaming about for so long.