40 Looks Good on Him

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I am almost two years older than Sean, so, for almost two years, he has been hearing about how much I loved my 40th birthday.  However, I love all birthdays, and Sean is very indifferent about them. I was determined that he would love this one, though, because you only turn 40 once.

We took Gabriel to camp the weekend before Sean’s birthday, so we celebrated with his parents while we were in College Station.

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On his actual birthday, his office staff decorated his office and made him feel special all day.

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Gabriel was at camp, so we just had a mini celebration so that we could have a bigger celebration with Sean.

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Once we were all united as a family, we went out to dinner as a family.

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When we returned home, we enjoyed Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheet Cake.

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While birthdays still are not a huge deal to him, he definitely enjoyed his 40th one.

38 Looks Good On You

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Sean celebrated his 38th birthday last Sunday.

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It was a very low-key event.  While I can easily and happily celebrate my birthday for the entire month of October, Sean is more down to earth and, honestly, celebrates the day more for us than for himself.

We had a special breakfast, presents, and the dinner and dessert that he requested.

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Summer does not do low-key.  She has taken after me and wants to ramp everything up a notch.  So, we went to 5 stores the day before Sean’s birthday looking for the perfect present for Sean.  She finally found it and squealed.  It was a small puppy with adorable puppy eyes, and she thought that it looked just like Dakota.  Sunday morning, she wrote clues on sheets of paper, and when Sean woke up, she took him on a scavenger hunt to find his presents.  I watched it all with delight, happy that she enjoys celebrations just as much as I do.

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Happy birthday, Sean!  We love you very much, and we are so happy that you are ours.

Summer of Fun 2013: Go on a Hike (Big Bend National Park)

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When we were planning our Summer Fun List, I knew that Sean and Gabriel had a special trip planned.

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Once or twice per year, they take a little trip with two other dads and their sons.

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We have known them all since Gabriel was in Kindergarten, and we have been blessed with some wonderful family friendships.

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This year, they decided to take a trip to Big Bend National Park.

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As an added bonus, they swam in the Rio Grande River and enjoyed a little touch of Mexico.

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The boys were so excited that even the 8 hour drive did not deter the excitement.

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I stayed home and had special time with Summer and Ethan,

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while Sean and Gabriel made memories that will last a lifetime.

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I had no idea how much I could possibly miss them until there was no telephone reception the first night.  By the time I heard their voices the next morning, it felt like I had not talked to them in a week.  Poor Ethan was so sad, as he choked out “Bubba” through tears.

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I was so happy that they were able to take a special trip to a special place….but I was even happier once we were all reunited as a family.

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