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Scout is such an amazing dog.

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We are so happy that, after Dakota died, we were able to open our hearts again because our family really did need Scout.

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She loves the kids so much.  She wants to be wherever they are, and she will literally put up with just about anything from them.

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She is so loyal.

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She has such a gentle, sweet personality.

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When she nurses on our blankets, it makes me smile every single time.

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When she makes herself comfortable, it makes me happy because I know that she understands that this is her home, too.

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She is a very important member of a our family.

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More Life with Scout

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Scout continues to amuse us every day.

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She is adored by every single member of the family.

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I believe that the feeling is mutual.  She adores us, too.  Obviously, she would not let us play dress up with her if she did not truly adore us.  Poor Scout.  Being the 4th baby is not always easy.

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Life with Scout is simply beautiful, just like her.

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Life with Scout

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Scout has quickly become a huge part of our family.

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She loves the littles.

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She goes everywhere with us, which always gives her a good opportunity to give her best smile at the drive-through windows.

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She tolerates bath time.

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She nurses on blankets, which is one of our favorite things.

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She sleeps very peacefully, pretty much anywhere.

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She is our 4th baby, and we love her very much.

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