Christmas Card Outtakes

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As I have mentioned, we had a really busy fall.  At Thanksgiving, I realized that I had not taken Christmas card pictures.  I quickly packed some red, green, black, and white clothes and hoped that we would have some pretty weather at Nonna and Gran’s house.

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Well, the pretty weather was wishful thinking.  The wind was crazy, and rain was forecasted for the weekend.

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On Wednesday evening, the wind semi-settled momentarily, so I grabbed the kids and told them to smile.

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The pictures were not all perfect, but it was a quick and painless photo session.

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Looking at them makes my momma heart smile. I am so proud of these amazing kids.

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Decorating the Christmas Tree 2015

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We put up the Christmas tree a bit early this year.  We usually wait until after Thanksgiving but since we are traveling for Thanksgiving, we decided to put it up before we left.

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Going through all of the ornaments that the kids have made and that we have collected over the years is always like a little walk down memory lane.  It makes me smile every single time.

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There is no place like home for the holidays.

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Pumpkin Patch 2015

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I have taken the kids to the pumpkin patch almost every year since they were born.  I think that we missed going once, when Ethan was a baby, but, other than that, it has remained a long-standing tradition.

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We do not stay long.  We literally go to the one down the road from our house, take some pictures, and pick out a few pumpkins.

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This year, time just ran away from me.  October was busy, and we had some rain, which impacted some plans.  Before I knew it, Halloween was here, and we had not visited the pumpkin patch yet.

So, on the morning after Halloween, I told the kids to get dressed because my momma heart needed pictures of them in that pumpkin patch.  They were very eager to make my heart happy.

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It might have been a bit silly to go after Halloween, pick out pumpkins that we knew we would never carve, and do something just for the sake of nostalgia.  However, sometimes we have to make the memories we want our kids to have, and it is really important to me that they remember our trips to the pumpkin patch every year.