Our Cooking Journey

I sit here wondering where to begin.  How do I describe our story, our family, in a single blog entry?  I can’t.  I remember playing Life as a kid, wanting the husband, the house, and the kids.  It always felt so good in the game…but not half as good as the reality.  Being a mom is not what makes me special; being the mom to my kids is what makes me special.  I have hesitated to start a blog for fear of failure, fear of not living up to expectations, and fear of not always knowing the rules.  I so want to describe everything in such a way that everyone will know how beautiful this journey has been/is for me, for us.  But, then I realized, this is life.  This is our life.  And, there are no rules in the real game of life.

We have recently decided to change our food journey to one that will hopefully lead to better health for our entire family.  I will detail more about that in the coming days.  For now, I just need a place to begin.  It is my hope to detail our daily menu, including recipes.  Our diet is certainly not going to be for everyone, but not everyone has been blessed with the things that make our family unique.  It is those things that have led us to try a gluten, dairy, wheat, and peanut free food journey.  I am certainly not saying that it will be an easy journey.  But, just like everything else that we do, we will do it together.