Our Soccer Boy

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Gabriel is one of the most determined, hard-working kids I have ever known.

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His dedication to something is sometimes a little intense because he pours his heart and soul into it.

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He loves soccer.  It is a fun hobby for him, but it is also something that he takes very seriously.  Sean has always said that he loves to see a player who hates losing more than they love winning.  At times, the losing part has been hard, and Gabriel has had to learn how to lose gracefully.  It is a life lesson, one that is an important part of growing up.

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This soccer season was full of ups and downs.  The ending was fantastic, when we won the championship.

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The beginning and the middle, though, were not quite as fairytale.

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Gabriel had a terrible toe injury that took him out of soccer for most of a month.

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In addition, his team struggled to win games, and the coach really struggled with remaining positive.  Gabriel is a kid who definitely needs positive reinforcement.

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However, as I look back at pictures, I see the eyes and heart of a champion in every single picture.  I am so proud of the lessons that he learned this season, and I cannot wait to see what next season holds for my soccer boy.

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