Christmas Card Outtakes

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As I have mentioned, we had a really busy fall.  At Thanksgiving, I realized that I had not taken Christmas card pictures.  I quickly packed some red, green, black, and white clothes and hoped that we would have some pretty weather at Nonna and Gran’s house.

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 photo DSC_0144.jpg

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Well, the pretty weather was wishful thinking.  The wind was crazy, and rain was forecasted for the weekend.

 photo DSC_0164.jpg

On Wednesday evening, the wind semi-settled momentarily, so I grabbed the kids and told them to smile.

 photo DSC_0155.jpg

 photo DSC_0139.jpg

 photo DSC_0128.jpg

The pictures were not all perfect, but it was a quick and painless photo session.

 photo DSC_0171.jpg

 photo DSC_0161.jpg

 photo DSC_0159.jpg

Looking at them makes my momma heart smile. I am so proud of these amazing kids.

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 photo DSC_0147.jpg

 photo DSC_0131.jpg

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