Summer Fun on the Farm 2015

 photo IMG_2632.jpg

My kids love all of the fun things that there are to do on Nonna and Gran’s farm.

They especially love it during the summer when the days are long and carefree.

They love to fish,

 photo IMG_2643.jpg

 photo IMG_2417.jpg

ride around in the golf cart,

 photo IMG_2429.jpg

practice shooting the bow and arrow,

 photo IMG_2642.jpg

 photo IMG_2641.jpg

sit on the dock,

 photo IMG_2423.jpg

feed the chickens,

 photo IMG_2795.jpg

 photo IMG_2796.jpg

and paddleboat.

 photo IMG_2424.jpg

 photo IMG_2421.jpg

Lazy summer days on the farm are the best.

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