Eight is Great

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It still feels like I can remember every single detail of my pregnancy, labor, and delivery, which is a good thing.  I am so thankful that, while I am sure that some of the details are not as vivid as others, I can still feel and see everything about that wonderful. special time.  On her birthdays, I love to re-live it all, and she loves to hear about it.

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This year, I took a half day off to have a girl date with Summer.  I took her out to lunch, to get her first manicure and pedicure, and shopping.  We had so much fun.

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For her birthday dinner, she requested that Papa make her Chicken Fried Rice, and for dessert, she wanted Angel Food Cupcakes.  We were both happy to fulfill her requests.

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We had such a special day with a little girls who always shines so bright.  She still has such an amazing zest for life.  She is funny, kind, compassionate, smart, beautiful, and simply amazing.

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She is the girl that I never knew I needed until the moment I heard Sean say, “It’s a girl.”  Now she is my mini-me, and I am so thankful for her every single day.

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Happy Birthday, Sweet Summer Sunshine.  Our lives were forever changed for the better on April 13, 2007 at 1:59 PM.

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