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Sean took an impromptu day off the day before Independence Day, and we decided to plan a quick family day trip.  We live in an area where we are lucky to choose from many beautiful outdoor settings.  After a little research about family friendly places, we decided to go to San Marcos River.

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I was a little hesitant because I am not big on water that I cannot see through.  Sean assured me that all of the reviews mentioned how clear and clean the water is.

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The reviews were absolutely accurate.  The water was perfect.  It is spring-fed, so it is about 72 degrees and just beautiful.

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It took us a little less than an hour to float down the river together and into a huge play area with rope swings, small rapids, and a wading/floating area.

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Sean and the littles went down the rapids while I sat on the sidelines taking pictures.

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I just kept looking around breathing in the beauty of it all, feeling so blessed and happy that we had decided to try something new.

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It was an amazing, beautiful family day, and I am certain that it will go down as one of my favorite days of the summer of 2014.

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