Last Day in 2nd Grade

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After I finished student teaching, I was blessed with an opportunity to teach for the remainder of the school year.

I began in 2nd grade, where I took over a classroom for a new momma who was spending three months with her sweet new baby boy.

The students were amazing, and the parents were warm, encouraging, and supportive.

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It was an invaluable, wonderful experience.

On my last day, I was a wreck.  I could not imagine walking through those doors and telling my students “good-bye”.

What I saw when I arrived at school, an amazing door welcomed me.

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I immediately smiled.

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Then, I read the notes from the students, and I began to cry.

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I thought that it was such a beautiful, amazing way to celebrate my last day.

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Little did I know that it would not end there.  At the end of the day, the parents surprised me with a party.  I was blown away by their kindness.

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As I looked at my students and told them how proud I was of them, my voice started to crack.  I was so blessed to be their teacher, even if it was for three short months.  I realized that, just as with all things in life, it is not about the length of time; it is about how you spend that time.  I knew with all of my heart that the time was spent loving, teaching, and learning with some incredible children.

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