Where’s Scout?

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Scout came home with us eleven days before Christmas.   I had just finished student teaching and had a few days off before the littles and Sean began their Christmas break with me.  We went out of town the very next weekend.

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It was a busy time, and having a new puppy was a bit like having a newborn.  She woke up during the night and would often wake up for good at 5 AM.  That is my work day wake-up time, but it is certainly not my holiday break wake up time.  It was for this holiday break, though.

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Sean and I took turns waking up with Scout in the mornings.  It was a bit exhausting because she did not just want to wake up and cuddle.  She wanted to play…and play…and play.

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I looked at her many mornings and said, “It is a good thing you are so cute.”

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I loved her from the beginning, but it probably took me the longest to really bond with her.  As I mentioned, I had to deal with feelings of guilt, and I kept telling myself that she was for the littles, not for me.

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Well, that changed in the blink of an eye once Sean and the littles went back to school and work.  I had a week at home with just Scout.  She quickly became mine.  Do not get me wrong.  She is a family dog, and she loves everyone equally, but for that week, she really depended on me.

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I had to keep my eyes on her, though, because if I took them off of her for a minute, she would find mischief. I started sending Sean pictures and titling them, “Where’s Scout?” because she frequently found herself in some funny places.

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I am so happy that I finally allowed her all the way into my heart.  She has enriched our lives in so many ways, and I cannot imagine her not being a part of our family.

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