The Great Christmas Photo Session of 2013

 photo DSC_0018.jpg

Each year, I take Christmas card photos of the littles.

 photo DSC_0096-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0224.jpg

To say that it is always an adventure would be and understatement.

 photo DSC_0189.jpg

I will say that it has become easier each year.

 photo DSC_0199.jpg

I am not sure if I have lowered my standards…

 photo DSC_0235.jpg

or if the littles have become better at understanding that the quicker they all smile at the same time, the sooner it will all be over.

 photo DSC_0021.jpg

Regardless of how long it takes, I always love looking back at the photo sessions.

As I am taking the pictures, I am just snapping away, not really paying attention to anything other than the smiles on their faces.

 photo DSC_0157.jpg

 photo DSC_0203.jpg

 photo DSC_0131-1.jpg

Once it is over, though, and I am really able to look at their faces, I see so much more of what was going on behind the lens of the camera.

 photo DSC_0159.jpg

I see beauty,

 photo DSC_0140.jpg

 photo DSC_0173.jpg

 photo DSC_0194.jpg


 photo DSC_0098-1.jpg


 photo DSC_0227.jpg


 photo DSC_0196.jpg


 photo DSC_0261.jpg


 photo DSC_0186.jpg

and love.

 photo DSC_0236.jpg

 photo DSC_0237.jpg

 photo DSC_0253.jpg

 photo DSC_0254.jpg

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