The Big 40!

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Last year, when I celebrated my 39th birthday, I began the count-down until my 40th birthday.  It was something that I had been looking forward to for so long because it seemed like a great number to me.  My 30’s had helped shaped me into the person who I am today.  I had Gabriel when I was 29, Ethan when I was 30, and Summer when I was 33.  Being a wife and mom were the two things that I had always wanted most in the world, and my 30’s had solidified both of those roles for me.

Moving into my 40’s seemed like a right of passage.  I could not have been more excited for my special day, and it proved to be everything that I hoped it would be.

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The celebration started with a birthday dinner at my sister’s house on the Saturday before my actual birthday. She knows that birthdays deserve at least a week of celebration, and she also knows how to spoil her little sister, who she was so happy would be joining the 40 club with her.

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On the day of my actual birthday, my real sister, Darla, and my the-only-thing-missing-is-blood sister, Kim, decorated my classroom for me with balloons, streamers, and signs.  I smiled so much that it brought tears to my eyes.  When the students arrived, they were thrilled to see all of the decorations!

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As a team, we almost always eat lunch together.  Darla surprised me by hosting a lunch for all of us, and my mentor made a delicious cake.  To say that I was overwhelmed and so incredibly happy would just be an understatement.  We had the best lunch.  I had the BEST day!

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The celebrating did not stop there, though. After school, Sean brought me balloons, a cookie cake, and presents.  We went out to dinner as a family, and then we returned home for cake and presents.  It was such a fantastic evening with my family, the people who have been so integral in shaping me into the person who I am today.

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Was my 40th birthday everything that I had hoped and dreamed it would be?  Actually….it was even better!  It was honestly my favorite birthday yet.  I am at the point in my life where I realize that age is just a number, beauty is inside and out, and words are meant to be helpful, encouraging, and kind.  I am more confident as a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a teacher, and a friend. I love with every ounce of my being, and I make sure that the people around me know how I feel about them.  39 was a rough year for me in some ways – all of my littles were in school, Summer was so sick for so long and had to endure many procedures and an extensive surgery, I did not get the teaching job that I felt was meant to be mine, our sweet dog died, and I was a little lost when it came to knowing what my next steps in my professional life should/would be.  However, right before my 40th birthday, everything started falling into place, and I think that it started foreshadowing what my 40’s will be for me. So far, I love what I see!

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Thank you to my husband, children, sister, mom, dad, family, and team for making the big 40 so incredibly special.  I love you all!

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