Summer of Fun 2013: Attend a Parade

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One of the summer traditions that we hold dear is the trip that we make to my parent’s house each August.

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On the first night, we all attend the parade.

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This year, I watched it through a different set of eyes.

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It is likely to be the last parade that my sister’s family and my family all attend together because next year, my oldest niece will be entering high school and have a very different summer schedule.

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As much as I say that I am always fully present, enjoying the moments and making memories as they come, I am also deeply sentimental, which makes me love traditions.

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In my heart, I know my family, and I know that we will create a new tradition to takes its place.  It will be just as great or better, and we will happily move on to the next stage of our lives.

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However, this year, I was not ready to move forward just yet.  As I watched the parade, I saw the littles all sitting on the curb with their candy bags, wide eyes, and giant smiles.  It was a glimpse into the past, filled with memories that I will always hold so dear.

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