Summer of Fun 2013: Have a Soda Shop

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Because of my wacky personality and need to re-live an era in which I was not even born, I immensely enjoyed our Soda Shop dinner at our own personal diner.

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It was fun to take an ordinary meal of hamburgers and hotdogs and turn it into something special with supplies as simple as checkered paper and red baskets.

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I probably enjoyed the meal the most, simply because it is just a part of who I am, always trying to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.

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Summer has inherited that gene from me.  I often laugh and ask Sean, “Where did she came from?”  He has always smiled back but really not said anything.  This weekend, I was pretending to orchestrate my band, while listening to the closing credits of a movie.  Sean looked at me and said, “You look just like Summer.”  I started laughing and said, “Oh my goodness!  She comes from me!”  Sean laughed and gave me a knowing smile, as if he wondered how long it was going to take me to realize that Summer is so me – free-spirited and wacky mixed with loving, sensitive, and kind.  Needless to say, when I look at her now, I am not just looking into a physical mirror.  I see right into her heart and soul, too.

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I see many more theme meals in our future, and the thought of that makes me so happy.

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