Two Years

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Two years ago, I decided to have a 4th baby.

She has been exactly what I needed – a place to write, share, and meet new people.

Without this blog, I would not have been able to jump up and down with excitement when I found out that a sweet friend is having twins.

I would not have connected with another mom who has a child with apraxia of speech.

I would not have discovered amazing recipes by sweet, sweet ladies.

I would not have continued to have an easy way to bond with wonderful friends who have taught me lessons on cooking and parenting.

I would not have found that “we can do hard things” is a great motto to live by sometimes.

I would not have been able to share my family, our story, which brings me great joy.

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As Ethan says, “Cheers!” ¬†And, here is to many, many more blogging birthdays. ¬†Happy Birthday, Cooking for My Kids!

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