My Boys

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I was going through pictures this week, and I found some from when Gabriel and Ethan had their student led conferences in June.

I was not supposed to work that morning. I had cleared my calendar so that I could focus all of my attention on the boys at their student led conferences.  However, I received a late night text from a sick teacher and dear friend.  She needed me, and I knew that the boys would understand.

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Gabriel handled it like a champ. We decided that Gabriel would go to Ethan’s classroom, pick him up, and they would walk together down to my classroom.  The classroom that I was substituting in was having game day, so they needed more teacher supervision than teacher instruction.

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I was able to sit out in the hallway with the boys and go through their work with them.

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It ended up being special and perfect because we had our own little corner of the world to spend those moments, as we looked back on the year with pride and joy.

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These boys of mine stole my heart when they were born, and they continue to capture it every single day.

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