Summer of Fun 2013: Swim, Swim, and Swim Some More

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The littles love the water.  Absolutely adore it.

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So, one of the things that I did, before school even ended, was to go buy pool passes for all of us.

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The day that I bought them, with a week remaining in school, we headed to the pool.  We were counting down the days of school, and there was no better way for us to realize that summer was truly within our reach than to take a quick trip to the pool.

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Now that school is out, we usually go 2-3 days per week.

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We stay for a couple of hours, soaking up the sunshine, while simultaneously taking a break from the heat.

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In Texas, it is almost impossible to be outside in the summer for extended periods without eventually jumping into some form of water.

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Nothing says summer like a trip to the pool followed by Happy Hour at Sonic.

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It has become our little summer tradition, and we love it.  We are making memories as we jump and swim and splash and play.

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We are making memories by just being together, as we enjoy the lazy days of summer.

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3 Responses to Summer of Fun 2013: Swim, Swim, and Swim Some More

  1. Carol says:

    I Love the pool pictures. That was what summer was all about when I was a kid was the trip to the city pool two or three times a week. I was just thinking about that the other day. So seeing this post was just what I needed. Love sharing your summer fun with your kids. You are such an awesome mother!!! Love y’all, Carol

    • That is exactly one of the reasons that I bought the pool passes, Carol. I think that summer break should be easy, care-free, simple, and fun. Lazy summer days should be spent in water with family and friends.

      Thank you for continuing to follow along on our adventures. Your comments always make me smile. Love you, too!

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