Summer of Fun 2013: Have a Tie-Dye Day

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One of the fun, simple things on our Summer of Fun 2013 was to have a tie-dye day.  It is a little tradition that we have.  I like for the littles to have semi-matching, bright shirts when we go on little trips.

So, last Monday, we sat aside some time to tie-dye our shirts.  I let them choose their patterns and their colors.

Summer chose and went first.  She wanted the swirl pattern, and she wanted to use every color.  She patiently waited while I swirled the shirt, and then she started to work on her creation.  Her shirt turned out bright, colorful, and beautiful, just like my sweet sunshine girl.

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Gabriel went next.  He wanted his to be a burst of colors, and he wanted it to look like a sunburst.  We are both somewhat visual learners, so we had to look at the pattern, back at the shirt, and back at the pattern to determine which colors needed to go where.  I was very happy that he still enjoyed the process of creating his own shirt.  I always hear, “Oh, he will not want to do that much longer.”  I choose to not listen to the negative naysayers.  My parenting theory is that if we continue to make it a fun, family experience, then they will all continue to enjoy it.

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Ethan went last because the shirt that he chose was a graduated colors of green.  I needed to make sure that everyone else had used the green so that I could re-fill it to use the strong solution and then slowly weaken the color.  As I watched him, I was so proud of him.  We have been tie-dying shirts for several years, and it is just one of the things that I never knew if he would want to do or be able to do by himself.  Of course he could do it by himself.  He rocked the tie-dying.

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It was a fun morning.  While one was tie-dying, the other two were enjoying the morning, riding bikes and scooters in the drive-way.  There was such a feeling of utter, complete contentment about the whole experience.  As with all of our summer fun days, I cherish and enjoy the little moments just as much as I do the big ones.

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