Summer of Fun 2013

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Just as we did in 2012, we decided to create a Summer Fun List for 2013.  In addition to the list, I wanted to try to have a little schedule so that we could easily pick things off of the list to go with the days of the week.  While this is not final yet, here is what I am thinking about doing.

Monday – Movie Mondays or Make Something Mondays

Tuesday – Treat Tuesday or Take a Trip Tuesday

Wednesday – Wet & Wild Wednesday or What’s Cooking Wednesday

Thursday – Thinking Thursday or Be Thoughtful Thursday

Friday – Fresh & Fun Friday or Somewhere Fun Friday

Here is our Summer Fun 2013 list:

1.  Have a Graduation/Beginning of Summer Party.

2.  Go hiking and/or camping.

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3.  Attend a June wedding.

4.  Go to the beach.

5.  Have a lemonade stand.

6.  Take a trip to Six Flags.

7.  Have a tie-dye day.

8.  Paint rocks.

9.  Make sock bubbles and/or big bubbles.

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10.  Have a game day and make some fun snacks.

11.  Have a science day.

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12.  Feed the ducks at the park and have a picnic while we are there.

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13.  Have a movie day, complete with a s’mores bar.

14.  Go to Schlitterbaun.

15.  Explore the solar system with fun snacks and crafts.

16.  Make butter and homemade bread. 

17.  Attend a parade.

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18.  Have a watermelon day.

19.  Have a shrimp or crawfish boil.

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20.  Make a peanut wreath bird feeder.

21.  Plastic bottle lawn bowling…add glow sticks for night bowling.

22.  Build a giant fort.

23.  Jump in the trampoline at night.

24.  Have fun eating more fruits and veggies.

25.  Make homemade ice cream sandwiches.

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26.  Make ice cream sundaes…for breakfast.  🙂

27.  Make homemade popsicles.

28.  Make refreshing summer drinks.

29.  Go fishing.  

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30.  Have a movie and popcorn day.

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31.  Make yogurt waffle cones…for breakfast. 🙂

32.  Go on a scavenger hunt.

33.  Make a bean mosaic.

34.  Have a rainbow day. 

35.  Have a fun 4th of July celebration.

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36.  Take a hidden Hill Country trip.

37.  Go to Mt. Bonnell.

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38.  Have dates with the littles.

39. Have an art day.

40.  Swim, swim, and swim some more.

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41.  Make clay flower art.

42.  Have a donut party.

43.  Attend a fun family reunion.

44.  Go cloud watching and make sky parfaits.

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45.  Have a special movie night with a dinner theme.

46.  Pretend we have our own soda shop and make drinks, burgers, and fries.

47.  Make cookies, drink milk, and read books.

48.  Work on a big puzzle together.

49.  Practice writing by sending letters and cards to family, teachers, and friends.

50.  Seize the moment, make great memories, and have the best summer ever!

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