Mother’s Day 2013

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Mother’s Day 2013 was beautiful.

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It began with a Mother’s Day make-over in Summer’s Kindergarten classroom.

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She was so excited to pamper me, and I enjoyed every single second of the special time with my little girl. Watching her smile and giggle and just have fun was the best present in the world.

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My Mother spent the weekend with us.  Not only was it Mother’s Day weekend.  It was also her 60th birthday.  We had a fun, little celebration for her.  My mother amazes me every single day. Not only does she not look a day over 50.  She also has the energy of a 40 year old.  Even more important than those things, though, is her heart.  She taught me to be loving, kind, and giving by being all of those things herself.

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Being able to celebrate my mother’s birthday Saturday night and then have a Mother’s Day brunch with her Sunday morning made the weekend beyond special.

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Of course, the little people who made me a mom completed the weekend for me.  I look at my life every day and almost feel like I am dreaming because, really, having a husband and children was all I ever dreamed about in my life.  I honestly cannot believe that I get to celebrate Mother’s Day because I am actually a mom.  Not just any mom, either.  I am a mom to the best children in the world.  That simple truth allows me to know that sometimes dreams really do come true.

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