The Annual Bluebonnet Tradition

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On Good Friday, we were all dressed and ready for the day.

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I had incidentally picked out beautiful shades of blue and green for the littles when I remembered that we needed to take our annual Bluebonnet pictures.

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Typically, we go to a beautiful field of Bluebonnets, but for this trip, I decided to just drive up the road to our school.

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There is an annual tradition there where the 1st graders have a Texas day.  One of the rotations is outside where they are given Bluebonnet seeds to stomp into the ground.

Over the years, it has produced a beautiful patch of bluebonnets in the landscaping.

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Each year when they start blooming, it makes me smile.

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It was a perfect way to start our Easter weekend because Bluebonnets, spring, and Easter are all about new beginnings, re-births, and fresh starts.

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While it is not necessarily one of the littles’ favorite traditions, I love that they do it for me.

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I also love that, even though the picture-taking is not their favorite part, they still get excited every year when we spot our first Bluebonnets.

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They know that it makes me happy, and, by extension, it makes them happy, too.

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  1. Kristen says:

    I always love this tradition of yours!

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