Summer’s Surgery

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Just a quick update for those of you who have asked.

Summer’s surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.  As of now, we believe that it is later in the day than what we would have liked because Summer will not be allowed to eat before the surgery.  It should last around an hour, and then she will be in her room recovering with us. She is terrified of being in another room for the surgery, which has led to many, many tears.

Please keep our sweet girl in your thoughts and prayers.  We are so ready for her body to be healed and for our sunshine to be back in full force.

Unless she is resting comfortably, I am not sure if I will have time to write a post.  However, I will definitely give quick status updates on my Facebook page and/or Instagram.

Thank you so much for the sweet comments, messages, and emails that you have sent.  We truly appreciate it.

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4 Responses to Summer’s Surgery

  1. Mindy says:

    I am definitely praying for your sweet Summer and you, tough mama! ((HUGS))

  2. Melissa says:

    Good luck! A late surgery time bothered me more than it did my son when he had surgery last year. Ended uo not phasing him at all, we stayed busy playing board & card games. My husband went into the operating room with him & stayed until he was asleep. To this day he tells everyone that his Dad helped with the surgery. You & your family are in my prayers & I’m glad this nightmare is almost over for you!

    • You have been such a huge virtual support system, Melissa, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. I truly appreciate it! Hugs!!

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