Happy 1st Birthday, Little Monkey!

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I cannot believe it has been a year since I answered the phone, “We are on our way!” when I saw who was calling.

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I simply cannot believe how quickly the time has flown.

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I have so enjoyed watching the man who has been in my life as a brother-in-law for over 12 years become a father.

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I have so enjoyed watching the woman who I met for the first time when my baby was just two weeks old become a mother.

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The parenthood journey is a wonderful, remarkable, awesome, beautiful one, and you, sweet boy, made all of that a reality for your parents.

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We had so much fun celebrating your birthday on Saturday. A little flood could not stop us from seeing our favorite nephew.

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Happy Birthday, sweet Baby Garrett!  We are looking so forward to watching you continue to grow into an amazing little man.

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3 Responses to Happy 1st Birthday, Little Monkey!

  1. Sandy says:

    Happy Birthday to Garrett. I can’t believe as much as I certainly believe he is so much a part of my family as well, that I have only seen pictures and not actually got to see the little man in person, I can’t believe how time flies and how much he has grown. Looks like Mom and Dad went all out for a perfect party I hope to get to see them all before he has another birthday.

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