More Than a Barber

There are a few special men in my life.


My daddy is one of them.  Of course, Sean and the boys are the other ones.


My daddy is the one who taught me what I wanted to look for in a future husband. He is also the one who taught me how to love children with all my heart and soul.


One of the qualities that makes him amazing is his work ethic.  He started his career as a Barber, farmed, worked for a government peanut program, and then went back to being a Barber, bringing everything full cycle.

I love that my daddy is a Barber.  I love that he gave both of the boys their first hair cuts (and that he cuts Summer’s hair now, too).  I love how much they adore going to his shop.  I love that he has led, by example, always showing that it is important to work hard for your family.



My daddy opened his post-retirement barber shop 7 years ago today.  Happy anniversary, Daddy.  We love you very much!


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  1. Sandy says:

    How sweet! Thank you for loving him so much. What an outstanding Daddy, Gran, husband and most of all, my best friend.

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