Summer Fun: Jumping in the Trampoline at Night

On Saturday night, I had been working on a project while Sean and the littles watched a cartoon.

When I came out of the bedroom, they ran up to me, excitedly asking, “Can we jump in the trampoline?  It is dark outside.”

It was one of the summer fun list activities that they had been looking forward to since the list was created a few weeks ago.


I looked at the clock, and quickly said, “Yes!”

There were squeals as they dashed for the door.  Then, I remembered that I had a surprise for them that would make the night time jumping even more fun – glow sticks.


They jumped and played for about 20 minutes while Sean and I sat in the sunroom with smiles on our faces.


As much as it is sometimes hard watching them grow and gain independence, these are the rewards that come with it.  Sitting back while watching and listening to our babies enjoy such a simple thing as jumping in the trampoline at night with some glow sticks is just one of the many times that we realize that our children are growing, but in a good way, a positive way, a happy way.



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2 Responses to Summer Fun: Jumping in the Trampoline at Night

  1. Sandy says:

    I can’t believe what beautiful pictures the glow sticks made. They do love being out at night. I think they would walk for miles in the dark.

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