My Soccer Boy


One of the reasons that I wanted to get a new camera was so that I could capture pictures of my sweet oldest boy playing soccer.

I love to watch him




Kick the ball,



Listen to the coach,


And, be a part of a team effort.




We play our last game on Saturday.  Before each game, I tell Gabriel the same thing.  “Play hard.  Play proud.  And, have fun.”  This is his 6th season, and I have been telling him that before every game since his very first game.


When I watch him, I know that he is doing just that – playing hard, playing proud, and having fun.

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3 Responses to My Soccer Boy

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  2. sandy says:

    you captured some beautiful picutres

    • I am still learning how to use the camera…and watch two other littles while taking pictures at a crowded event that takes place by a busy street. But, I do think that I got some good pictures of my angel soccer boy.

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