Seasons – Recipe: Southwest Salad


As we were driving yesterday, Summer was asking all about the seasons. “What comes after Winter, Momma?”  When I told her that Spring does, she wanted to know what happens during the Spring.


So, I told her that it is when the weather starts getting warmer, and we celebrate things like Easter and her birthday.  That excited her just a bit.


Then, she wanted to know what comes after Spring, so I told her that Summer comes after Spring.  She thought about all of the fun things about the Summer, and she decided that she wanted to skip to Summer.


So, I told her that if we skipped to Summer, we would miss all of the fun things about Spring, like Easter and her birthday.


Then, she decided that maybe skipping Spring would not be so good after all.


After our conversation, I thought about everything that we had discussed.  And, then I thought more about how quickly time started passing once I became older, and especially once I became a mom.  While I am as guilty as the next person with wanting some things to get her faster than others (hello, countdown to Summer Break when my littles are all home!), I believe that it is my responsibility to slow things down as much as possible, to truly stop and smell the roses, enjoy the sunshine, and embrace the cold, rainy days.



As I go through the stores and see swimsuits already out, I hear the sounds of distress when my children think that we have skipped Winter without having a single snow day.  While we might not have snow in Texas this Winter, we certainly do not have to skip it.  We can embrace the things that make it special, just as we cherish the things that make each individual person special, unique, fun, extraordinary.  Even though the stores seem to want to rush us through life, we do not have to jump on board.  We can still enjoy each day, one precious moment at a time…because…to everything there is a season.

Southwest Salad

Southwest Salad


Romaine or green leafy lettuce, chopped

Fresh or frozen corn, cooked

Black beans or pinto beans

Black olives

Crushed tortilla chips

Salad dressing (we used my new favorite Italian dressing)


  1. Add lettuce to a bowl.
  2. Layer with beans, corn, black olives, and crushed tortilla chips.
  3. Drizzle salad dressing over top.
  4. Serve with bread.

I had this salad almost every day for lunch during my first trimester of pregnancy with Gabriel, so it brings up very special memories.  For that reason and because it is easy and delicious, it is one of my favorite salads.  It can be served Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, which makes it even more perfect.


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  1. I love the freshness of this dish! i’m booking it for future use once the corn comes back into season 🙂

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