Advent Day 23


Today’s clue was:

This brings back memories of my childhood.  Is it candy….or is it a book?

They each opened up a Lifesavers book.


Gabriel chose the Starburst one.


Ethan chose the Lifesavers hard candy one.


Summer chose the Lifesavers Gummies one.


And, they were all very happy littles.


Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


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2 Responses to Advent Day 23

  1. sandy says:

    It is so very very wonderful to see smiles on all faces and the excitement of the simple pleasures of life. Thank you for teaching them the values of life. I still stop and look at the little LifeSavers Books and of course also Chocolate Covered Cherries. Thanks also for taking me back to my childhood….Merry Christmas Eve!!!!!

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