Catching Up

Because I have several new readers, I wanted to take a second to catch you up so that you do not have to start from the beginning.

I created this blog to detail our cooking journey, a journey that has many twists and turns.  When it started, we had just found out that our middle child has some severe food sensitivities, which meant that we needed to eliminate some foods for a few months before re-introducing them.

My very first blog post, as I tried to figure out how to even begin…is here…

The little boy at the center of the food sensitivities is Ethan.  His story is here…  I have known for awhile that he had a story to tell, and I knew that I wanted to be the one to tell it.  I just needed the time to be right.  Getting the food sensitivity results and deciding to make some serious food adjustments, seemed like the perfect time to start telling his story.  I hope that you will find (or have found) his story to be as beautiful as we do.

And, we have two other children, as well.  Gabriel is the oldest, and Summer is the youngest.  They appear in the blog quite frequently, as well.  In addition to being super-amazing children, they also just so happen to be Ethan’s biggest fans, and they support and encourage him every step of the way.

The blog is kind of a little food/family journal for me.  I love my family, and I love to cook.  So, I try to share as much of a combination of the two as possible.  And, along the way, I give updates about Ethan in his weekly Progress Reports.  I want to be honest about what is working, what is not working, and how we are balancing our meals and our lives so that we can all be as healthy as possible.  You can find all of the recipes that I have blogged about on the Recipes tab at the top.


I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to get to tell Ethan’s story, share stories about my family, and create recipes.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for sharing.  And, thank you for going on this journey with us.


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