Ethan’s Progress Report

Ethan had another great week at school…until he threw up Friday afternoon.  More on that later.  Not being one to focus on the bad when there was so much good, I will start with all of the wonderful things about his week.

When I decided to start these weekly progress reports, I was not sure how much I wanted to share about our lives.  I have never wanted Ethan to have a label attached to him because he is so much more than just a label…everyone is.  I was so concerned that people would not see Ethan the way that we see him.  And, I wanted to make sure that I was conveying everything in the beautiful way that we truly see it, that we truly see him.

So, I finally decided to open my heart and to share.  And, something beautiful happened in that sharing.  Actually, many beautiful things happened.  First of all, so many more people truly see Ethan now.  Honestly, he was always loved, absolutely adored, by all of the people who know him – friends, classmates, teachers, family.  But, now he is loved by people who had seen him but did not really know who he was, and he is loved by people who have never even met him.

Since I started this blog, the posts that are Ethan-specific are some of the most read posts.  When I talk about our baby steps, people are celebrating with us.  When I talk about Ethan being sick or having a rough time, people are praying for him.

As I have mentioned before, I believe in miracles.  And, I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes it is so, so hard for me to understand the reason….sometimes the reason does not unfold and present itself to me for years.  When we received Ethan’s test results about his food sensitivities, I was in shock.  Sean, being my rock, said, “Maybe this is your calling, too, Natalie.  Maybe this is what you are meant to do.”  I slept on his comments and texted him the next morning, telling him that I was starting a blog called “Cooking for My Kids”.  Sean’s response – “That’s wonderful!!  I think it will be great.”

And, it has been great.  Maybe not in the way that other people would call great.  It has been great because I truly believe that the more people who know about Ethan, who love Ethan, who pray for Ethan is simply the making of more miracles.  I believe that it is no small wonder that Ethan has been having a great school year because so many people are sending positive thoughts his way.  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  Praying for my littles and loving my littles earns you a special place in my heart.

Ethan had a great week.  On Friday, he had all of his classmates laughing.  His teacher told him that he was being the class clown, to which Ethan readily agreed.  Yes, Ethan gets away with being the class clown.  He just has a way of charming people, and his teacher has fallen under his little spell.  Thank you, Lauren.  Thank you so much for loving my little boy!

He was very excited to eat lunch with his Nonna and Gran on Friday.  He hopped and skipped down the hall, so happy to have a special lunch date.

Luckily, we were there eating with Gabriel when Ethan threw up in music class.  The bad news is that he missed the first day of reading buddies, and Gabriel is his reading buddy.  But, next week will be the first week for him, and he will be so happy to see his big brother walk into his classroom.  The good news is that he does not seem to have a virus.  I suspect that he is having a small reflux flare-up, but after one dose of medicine, he already seems to be better.  He has had a great weekend.

We are very proud of the progress that he is making this school year.  He is gaining some language with small words here and there, learning new sign language, developing confidence, and making new friends.  His teacher said that his friends were “fighting” over who could be his partner for flashlight Friday.  Nancy, thank you for raising such an amazing little boy.  Connor has helped Ethan so much, going so far as to make sure that Ethan was included in groups that first week, helping him find his place in line those first few days, and convincing him that it was time to leave recess on Friday.  Your boy is touching hearts, and mine is at the top of that list.  Thank you!

Thank you all for reading about my angel boy, for celebrating his accomplishments, for praying for him to continue to improve, and for seeing the magic that is within him.

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