Ethan’s Progress Report

I am floating on cloud nine.  Ethan had a great week!

Thank you to all of my school friends who commented on how great Ethan is doing.  It made my day that other people are seeing the positive changes, to.  One friend said, “I am excited, and he is not even my boy!”  It warms my heart that there are so many people on “Team Ethan”, cheering him on.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We are so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family.

We believe that the diet changes have made a huge difference.  We are not sure if this is a life-long change or a temporary change, but we do know that his headaches are gone, his reflux is gone, and his central nervous system seems much more balanced.  So, for now, we will continue on this journey.  After the three months, we will consult with the doctors, run another food sensitivity test, and weigh the pros and cons of slowly re-introducing some foods.  There are some that likely just will not be re-introduced simply because I am learning enough about health and nutrition now to know that his body just does not need the foods.  As far as we know, based on all of the testing, Ethan’s body does not always absorb the good nutrients that it needs to absorb, and we are working on that.  But, we definitely want the goal to be for him to have way more good things than bad things in his diet, because we want to increase the chances that there will be more good than bad absorbed into his blood stream.

In addition, Ethan’s immune system still is not where we need for it to be.  It does not mean that he is still sick all of the time.  But, it does mean that his body does not always fight the things that it should fight.  When he does start showing signs of an illness, it might take him 3-4 weeks to truly recover, instead of 1-2.  We are doing things to boost his immune system, too, and we are hopeful that we are getting there.

Will there still be some steps back?  Probably.  Will there be many more steps forward?  Absolutely!  I am not great at math, but I do know that all we want is for there to be more steps forward than backwards to equal positive overall improvement.  The steps are baby steps, but sometimes baby steps are the best steps of all.

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