Water Balloons, Pizza, and Friday Fun

It is Friday, and Fridays make me happy.  Or, at least they usually make me happy.  Next week, I will definitely love Fridays again because we will be headed into our first weekend after our first week of school.  Today, I am glad that it is Friday because Sean will be home for the weekend.  But, I am sad because it is the last weekday of the summer break.  The summer just flew, and the littles are now officially a year older (in school years, that is).  I am just soaking it all in, very aware of the fact that these are the wonderful, precious days of their childhood, days that I will always cherish, never forget.

We decided that a mini field day was in order.  So, we started with playing with shaving cream, then went to a water balloon fight, and finished with running through the sprinklers.  Seeing their joy in the small things makes me smile.  I know, I believe, that they will remember these days with a smile.  And, Summer confirmed that when we were on our way to Sonic happy hour.  She said, “I want to be a mom when I grow up.”  I said, “That is great.  Why do you want to be a mom?”  She responded, “Because I want to have children.”  I so hope that I am influencing that decision daily.  I hope that she sees that her momma thinks that having children is life’s greatest blessing.

It was a fun day, and we wrapped it up with pizza and movie night, which is always good.  I had planned to share a gluten and dairy free pizza dough recipe.  But, it is not quite where I want it to be just yet.  The taste was wonderful, but the texture of the crust needs a little more work.  Maybe next Friday….because next Friday will be a great day, a day to celebrate.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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5 Responses to Water Balloons, Pizza, and Friday Fun

  1. mamamegf says:

    You sound like such an amazing, fun mom! My mom was like that – with spontaneous, fun adventures and games like shaving cream and water balloons, and I loved it! I have a little different personality and it’s hard for me to just spontaneously do fun, messy things like that. I’m trying, though! 🙂 We do plenty of cooking, baking and lots of reading and board games, and the kids play in the mud all the time. I just need to relax and get in that mud with them!

    • Natalie says:

      Thank you so much for you kind comment. It took me a long time to learn to get a little dirty with the littles, and, trust me, we shower and/or bathe as soon as the fun ends! I do love watching the precious looks on their faces when we do things like shaving cream and water balloons, though. It is priceless!

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