Celebrating the Smurfs – Recipe: Smurfberry Smoothies

My children do not know that I am crazy just yet.  They do not really “get” that making blueberry smoothies this morning because I wanted to find something blue to make in order to celebrate going to see a movie is probably less than normal.  But, that is why I love it.  Those are the crazy things that I want them to remember.  I love taking an ordinary day and making it into something extraordinary for my children.

We went to see The Smurfs today, and it was so much fun.  It was one of those unicorns and rainbows kind of days. These are the kind of days that I want my littles to remember.  I want them to remember the small things as much as they remember the big things.  And, as they grow older and eventually create their own magical moments, I want them to know that it is very normal to wake up, decide to go see a movie, and think of a way to make the day a theme around that movie.  Call it crazy, or call it normal. I call it being a mom.

Recipe: Smurfberry Smoothies

Recipe: Smurfberry Smoothies


1 frozen banana

1 peach

1 cup of blueberries

1 cup of plain coconut yogurt

1 cup of orange juice


  1. Put all of the ingredients into the blender, and blend until smooth.

Enjoy for breakfast, snack, or afternoon pick-me-up.  Most importantly, enjoy it with your children….whether they really “get” it or not.

Note – I know that the smoothies really did not turn very blue.  But, it is the thought that counts.  Right?!

Have a great day!

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