Watermelon Slicing – Recipe: Fruit K’Bobs

As I mentioned earlier, we spent the week with my parents, and it was lovely.  Actually, lovely is too mild of a word.  It was amazingly awesome.  We were supposed to stay for three days, and we ended up staying for five.  We extended the stay because Ethan was finally starting to heal, and Sean was at home just now starting to get sick.  So, we let Ethan heal at my parents while Sean got some extra rest at home.  By the time we reunited, we were all feeling better.


While we were there, we had a watermelon slicing, another little August tradition.  We slice up the melons on the patio and let the littles go to town, eating it however they see fit and letting the juice run every which way.  They like it at first, and then they are quickly ready to rinse off.  They are my children, after all, and they can only be dirty and messy for so long before it starts to bother them.  But, while it lasts, it is just pure fun, the kind that should be a tradition because it does make so many incredible memories.  They will ask me for the next 12 months, “When is the candy festival again?  When is the watermelon slicing?”  I love that those are the things that are important to them – the simple, the fun, the family.

We are back home now and trying to get back on a normal schedule.  I had good intentions of getting this post up yesterday so that I could get our menu planning back on track.  But, between Ethan’s doctor appointment, more school supply errands, and trying to deal with Sean’s unreliable vehicle (and, by “deal”, I mean trade it in and get something reliable), I fell into bed last night knowing that I had spent every last bit of energy left in me.

Ethan’s doctor appointment went very well.  The doctor looked at us at the end and said, “I am optimistic for a full recovery/healing for Ethan.”  And, I could tell that he meant it.  Obviously, he cannot predict the future.  But, he does always tell it like it is, and I believe him.  And, more importantly, he believes in Ethan.  We all believe in Ethan.  The good news is that Ethan’s Vitamin D level was way up.  It has been very low for a very long time, so we were thrilled that we finally saw some progress.  In addition, his ears looked much better.  One of the tests showed that they are within the range of where they should be.  There are several tests, and they all measure different things.  I cannot explain the technical aspects of everything.  But, basically, two of the three ear and balance tests showed great improvement.  The doctor is still concerned about Ethan’s immune system, but he does think that it will continue to improve as we flush out some of the bad things in his body, which will be helped, hopefully, by the diet changes.  We will go back in two months for a check-up.  His ears still are not where they need to be, so we will continue to hope for complete healing since the ears are a huge piece of the balance and potentially speaking puzzle.

Monday’s Menu:

  • Breakfast – Cereal – we like Chex because it is naturally gluten free
  • Lunch – Leftovers
  • Dinner – Spaghetti and meat sauce, salad

I am not sure that today’s recipe should be classified as a recipe.  But, it is something that is great, easy, and gluten/dairy/peanut free.  And, even better, the littles love it!

Fruit K’Bobs

Fruit K’Bobs

Serve the k'bobs as a snack or an after-meal healthy dessert alternative.






Wooden k'bob sticks


  1. Thread/push/shove the fruit onto the sticks in whatever order your desire.

Enjoy your day!!

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