Lazy Busy

We have had a lazy busy day.  How can we be lazy and busy all at the same time?  Well, lazy because we stayed in our pajamas all day except for playing in the sprinklers.  Then, we bathed/showered and put on clean pajamas.  And, busy because I tried to catch up on all of the paperwork, pictures, etc. that I have been pushing to the side while we have been traveling from the beach to the reunion to my parents’ house.  After all of the days and weeks of being so busy-busy, lazy busy at home is a good thing.

Today’s Menu:

  • Breakfast: Toast (Gluten-free bread), eggs, pears, sunflower seed spread
  • Lunch: Since I did not cook, I made everyone what they wanted – sandwich, salad, fruit, bean burrito
  • Dinner: Tacos

The meals were simple, just what I needed for a lazy busy day.  My menu planning groove is still on vacation, so I just made sure that we are stocked with fruits, vegetables, and meat for the week.  And, I try to just stick to a “theme” when we are home – Pasta on Monday, Tacos on Tuesday, Stir-Fry on Wednesday, etc.  This gives me flexibility to choose what kind of pasta, tacos, stir-fry, etc. so that we will have variety, but it also gives me a starting point when I sit down (or as is the case this week, just stick to the basics of spaghetti and meat sauce, beef tacos, chicken stir-fry, etc.) to do the weekly or monthly menu. During school, it really helps when I plan out a monthly menu and put it down on paper.  We do not always stick to it, but it does save the budget and my sanity when the crazy busy school season is in full force.

I do not have a recipe for today.  I hope to start cooking and creating new things again this week, but, first I have another mostly lazy mixed with a little busy day scheduled for tomorrow.


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