Today was a successful cooking day, and that made me so happy!  The kids all ate all of the meals without any complaints.  I managed to make some of their favorite things with some minor tweaks, which allowed them to see that our new food journey is not going to change our whole lives.  Cooking and eating together has always been such an integral part of our family.  It is very important to me to continue to make meal time fun.

I am just so proud of them all for being willing to go on this journey together.  Summer, our youngest, is the pickiest eater of the three, and she has handled the transition amazingly well.  Of course, the fact that I have rewarded them with popsicles (made with real fruit) has probably helped.  She has not eaten everything, but she has tried everything.  And, she has accepted that there is not a sandwich as a back-up when she does not like what we are helping.  Fortunately, she does like fruit and nuts, so she always has those options.


Gabriel, our oldest, has been eating like a champ.  He is a good eater, but he, like me, has a fondness for sweets and things that are not always the healthiest.  But, today, he did great.  He ate so incredibly well, even finishing his entire salad.  Yeah!  He discovered that he really, really likes goat cheese.  He also loved the corn/rice pasta tonight.  He said that he could not even tell the difference.

Ethan, our middle child who has the food sensitivities, has just taken it all in stride.  He is so laid back about most things, and he will usually eat what is on his plate.  However, in the past couple of months, his eating habits had become a little poor, for him, at least.  And, he wanted peanut butter sandwiches, pasta, and cow’s milk all of the time.  Before we did the food sensitivity test, the doctor told us that the things that Ethan would be sensitive to were likely the things that he liked the most.  He was right!  Honestly, I was so hoping that he would not be intolerant to cow’s milk, cheese, peanuts, wheat, yogurt, and gluten.  I had hoped that he would not be sensitive to any of them, but my heart knew that it was very likely that he would be to some of them and quite possibly all of them.

So, day two is complete.  I find myself wondering when I will stop viewing this journey as days and start viewing it as a lifestyle change, which implies that it is quite possibly how we will eat from now on.  Since Ethan does not have food allergies, he can eat the foods without having life-threatening complications.  But, there are still health concerns.  Most people who have food sensitivities experience things such as bloating, reflux, and headaches.  Ethan has suffered from all of them.  And, before I beat myself up, I have to remind myself that we have taken him to GI doctors, family practice doctors, neurologists, ENTs, etc.  We have done everything that we could possible do, going so far as to write up all of his symptoms and medical history so that we could give it to all of the doctors.  At some point, I will write a blog post (or several) detailing all of the doctor’s trips that led us to the one doctor who has changed our lives by believing in our sweet youngest boy.  We could be discouraged about all of the wasted appointments and the years that we went without answers, but, instead, we choose to be encouraged and believe that every step in our journey has had a purpose.

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